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When John Staab founded Motive Real Estate Group in late 2016, he did it for his love of the business— from finding the perfect space for a specific client to meeting new people and establishing great relationships and lasting friendships. For him, it has always been about the people and helping to provide a space for happiness, family and security, along with all of the opportunities owning real estate provides.

But that wasn’t enough. He has always felt strongly that everyone, regardless of their means, deserves the benefits that their own home allows. That’s why Motive is committed to fighting homelessness.

“I really want to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and I think Motive can do that,” commented John. “With Motive we can make meaningful contributions that will provide real opportunity for those in need. I have always admired the philanthropic work of companies like TOM’s Shoes, Patagonia, and Warby Parker and that has inspired me to adopt the ‘one for one’ model. Giving someone an entire home, is life-changing, immediately.”

Each time Motive helps a client buy or sell a home, they commit to work with an international agency to build a home for a family in need. Of late, Motive has been working in Zambia with The Butterfly Tree project to help rural communities that have been deeply impacted HIV and AIDS. The loss of life among working-age adults has left the already poverty-stricken villages, with thousands of orphaned children who are either taken in by grandparents with little to no means or left to fend for themselves. The Butterfly Tree provides housing, schools, clinics and clean drinking water.

Houses built to-date

“It’s important to me that I work with people who align with my values. It feels good knowing that a part went to help build someone’s home who truly needs it.”

—Jamie R.

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